Our Strategic Initiatives for 2012 to 2017

The Thomas Merton Center Board of Directors has established the following strategic initiatives for the Center. These goals are overseen by standing committees who report on progress made on a quarterly basis at monthly board meetings.

  • Strategic Initiative #1 – Build and Strengthen the Membership
  • Strategic Initiative #2 – Position TMC on a Secure Financial Path
  • Strategic Initiative #3 –  Improve the Organizational Capacity of the Center
  • Strategic Initiative #4 –  Develop Education, Training, Networking Opportunities
  • Strategic Initiative #5 –  Build a Strong Board that Will Govern Policy
  • Strategic Initiative #6 –  Utilize Space in a Welcoming and Efficient Manner
  • Strategic Initiative #7 –  Build Diversity Among Board, Staff, Membership
  • Strategic Initiative #8 – Grow the Community Organizing Life of the Center

View Our Financial Status

In the past three years, TMC has addressed a long-term persistent and on-going financial challenge by divesting itself of its aging office building which had taken significant amounts of funds to upkeep and maintain. The decision by the board to move the TMC offices from this building to a rented office space significantly reduced operating expenses. Funds received from the sale of the building has helped the board stabilize the center financially and to refocus the organization on the mission and vision of the Center. The board remains committed to maintaining a secure and stable financial path, which is underscored by the strategic plan.

The Thomas Merton Center remains strong and vibrant because of its committed members who have fought for peace and justice over the past four decades. We invite others to join our community, hope, and steadfast resolve. Together, we are a formidable force that continues to have a significant peace and justice impact in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.