Opposition to War on Iraq

Statement on Opposition to War on Iraq – passed by TMC board on June 16, 2014

The U.S. government has been threatening to once again launch military assaults on Irq. The U.S.S. George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier has recently arrived in the Persian Gulf. According to Democracy Now, it is accompanied by the U.S.S. Truxton guided-missile destroyer, which both carry Tomahawk missiles that can reach Iraq.

The Thomas Merton Center opposes any military action by the U.S. government against Iraq. It is urgent that peace and anti-war activists mobilize to tell the Obama administration that the people of this country completely oppose any military action in Iraq. In the midst of a religious civil war and on the verge of collapse, Iraq needs a diplomatic solution.

The current chaotic situation and sectarian fighting in Iraq is the result of the devastating  U.S. military invasion in 2003, that was based on false pretenses, which destabilized the region and put into power the corrupt and brutal al-Maliki government.

The people of Iraq need peace , reconciliation, development and a truly representative government free of U.S. and other foreign interests. A new round of U.S. military involvement, according to Iraq Farah Muhsin of CODE PINK , “will only cause more damage to the current situation by enabling a weak and incompetent government that will continue to abuse its power to abuse its people.” A problem created on large part by the tragic U.S. military assault cannot be solved by more of the same.

We say, No more Weapons Shipments! No Airstrikes! No Drones! and No U.S. Troops or Contractors!

(Drafted by Pete Shell, project leader of the Thomas Merton Center Anti-War and Anti-Drone Committee on June 16, 2014.)