If you would like to request an endorsement from the Thomas Merton Center, for a campaign, event or activity, please fill out the form below. Endorsement requests are presented at, and voted on, by TMC board members on the third Monday of each month. If you need more information, please call (412) 361-3022 or email office@thomasmertoncenter.org . Thank you!

The Thomas Merton Center Board endorses the following campaigns/activities.

Campaign for Common Sense Gun Laws
Campaign Non-violence
Campaign to End Drones
Stop Sexual Assault in the Military (SSAM)
Move to Amend – Corporations Are Not People
Pennsylvania Community Rights Network
People’s Climate March – 350.org
Pittsburghers for Public Transit
Make it Our UPMC
New Economy Campaign
Ecowatch-STOP the Keystone XL Pipeline
People’s March to Stop Global Warming Sept. 20-21, 2014
Equality PA Endorsement
Green Faith Fellowship