Here you can find a short description and contact email for all of our affiliated projects, including Pittsburgh350, Stop Sexual Assault in the Military, Westmoreland Marcellus Citizens Group, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, School of the Americas Watch Pittsburgh, Friends of the Harmed/Shalefield Stories, Progressive Pittsburgh Notebook, Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition, Pittsburgh Anti-Sweatshop Community Alliance, Pittsburgh Campaign for Democracy Now!, New Economy Campaign, Marcellus Shale Protest Group, Human Rights Coalition Fed Up! Chapter, Haiti Solidarity Committee, Greater Pittsburgh Interfaith Coalition, Fight For Lifers West, East End Community Thrift Store, Environmental Justice Committee, Economic Justice Committee, Diversity FOOTprint, Capital’s End, Code Pink: Women for Peace, Book ‘Em: Books to Prisoners Project, and Anti-War / Anti-Drone Committee. For more information, just scroll down!

Anti-War / Anti-Drone Committee

The Anti-War Committee organizes rallies, marches, vigils, teach-ins, conferences, a speakers bureau, legislative action, media outreach, and other activities to end U.S. wars and occupations. To get involved, contact Peter Shell at

Book ‘Em: Books to Prisoners Project

Book ‘Em: Books to Prisoners Project is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that sends free educational books and quality reading material to prisoners in Pennsylvania. We meet from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on the first two or three Sundays of the month in the basement of TMC. To get involved, and also see our calendar, visit the website at

Code Pink: Women for Peace

A local chapter of the national women for peace network that came out of the opposition to the war in Iraq. To get involved, contact Francine Porter at 412-389-3216 or

Capital’s End

Capital’s End intends to strengthen and expand on Pittsburgh’s already diverse anti-capitalist movement by providing entertainment, networking and thematic programming. To get involved, contact Katherine Cunningham at 724-388-625 or email Harvey at

Diversity FOOTprint

The vision is to establish an African-American social/economic generator for free trade development of neighborhoods to participate in regional and global community markets. To get involved, contact George Hogan 3rd at 412-798-5107 or

Economic Justice Committee

The Committee is dedicated to issues of economic justice and labor solidarity, focusing on concrete campaigns and actions but also involving educational events. To get involved, please contact Michael Drohan at 412-271-8414 or email

Environmental Justice Committee

The Committee is dedicated to issues of environmental rights and local democratic rights of people working to preserve clean air, clean water, and soil. To get involved, please contact Wanda Guthrie at 412-596-0066 or

East End Community Thrift Store

The East End Community Thrift Store, also known as Thrifty, is an all volunteer-run thrift shop which provide quality, low cost used clothing and household goods to the surrounding community. To get involved, contact Shirley Gleditsch at 412-361-6010 or email

Fight For Lifers West

Fight for Lifers West is dedicated to supporting people sentenced to life without parole and their loved ones while striving to improve the criminal justice system and building positive community relationships. To get involved, contact TMC at 412-361-3022 or

Greater Pittsburgh Interfaith Coalition

GPIC works to promote a sense of unity among Pittsburgh faith leaders by convening diverse religious faith communities to share resources, foster dialogue and provide education and celebratory venes to deepen understanding and strengthen community relationships. For more information contact

Haiti Solidarity Committee

The Haiti Solidarity Committee is focus on building solidarity with Haitians and promote awareness in Pittsburgh. To get involved, contact Joyce Rothermel at 412-271-8414 or email

Human Rights Coalition Fed Up! Chapter

Fed Up! is the Pittsburgh chapter of the Human Rights Coalition dedicated to upholding the rights of prisoners. To get involved, contact Bret Grot at 412-654-9070 or

Marcellus Shale Protest Group

Marcellus Protest is an alliance of western PA groups & individuals building a broad movement to stop the destruction of our environment and communities. To get involved, contact Mel Packer at 412-243-4545 or email

New Economy Campaign

Our mission is to identify, support and collaborate with local projects and groups to develop a sustainable, cooperative and democratic economic system run by and for the people. Contact Gabe McMoreland at 412.719.3424 or email See the FAQ Page for more information.

Pittsburgh Campaign for Democracy Now!

The Pittsburgh Campaign for Democracy Now! was formed in early 2003 with the goal of bringing the program Democracy Now! to a radio station in Pittsburgh. To get involved, contact Dan Sleator at

Pittsburgh Anti-Sweatshop Community Alliance

The Pittsburgh Anti Sweatshop Community Alliance is building a bridge from PNC Park to the floor of the global sweatshop. Read the Major League Sweatshop Digest for July 2014. To get involved, contact Kenneth Miller at 412-867-9213 or

Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition

This group organizes events in support of legislation to improve protection for the people of Darfur and bring perpetrators of war crimes to justice. For more information, and to find out how you might get involved, visit Or contact David Rosenberg at 412-992-0102 or email him at

Progressive Pittsburgh Notebook

A source for progressive Pittsburgh news. The Progressive Notebook invites your organizing group to put your next campaign event on TV. Visit For more information, contact Carlana Rhoten at 412-363-7472 or

Friends of the Harmed/Shalefield Stories

Friends of the Harmed (FOH) is a non-profit organization that collaborates with researchers, concerned citizens, and local grassroots groups to provide support and direct aid to individuals, families, and communities in Western PA who have been negatively impacted by Unconventional Natural Gas Development, also known as Fracking. FOH also publishes a booklet chronicling testimonials from those impacted by fracking, called Shalefield Stories. 100% of donations collected from the distribution of this book support our direct aid efforts. To date, we have distributed over 5,000 copies of Shalefield Stories Vol 1, and $17,500 in direct aid in the form of water, air scrubbers, and emergency testing. To make a one-time donation and receive a copy of Shalefield Stories as a thank you gift, go to or email us at to inquire about books in bulk.

School of the Americas (SOA) Watch Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Chapter of School of the Americas Watch works toward closing down the SOA by educating the public, pressuring elected officials, and connecting local members to the national SOA Watch movement. Each year members travel to the SOA Watch in Fort Benning Georgia, to protest the torture techniques taught to the soldiers. To get involved, contact chapter head Russell Noble at 412-361-3022 or

Pittsburghers For Public Transit

PPT is a volunteer, grassroots organization of transit riders, drivers and supporters that advocates for public mass transit because it’s essential for healthy environments, economies, and  communities.  We work together to win the following rights for all. For more information contact Molly Nichols at

Westmoreland Marcellus Citizens Group

Our mission is to educate citizens on the impacts of Marcellus Shale hydro-fracturing of each community as well as the long-term economic impact. To get involved, contact Lou Pochet at 724-837-0540 or

Stop Sexual Assault in the Military

SSAM works to increase awareness of the growing incident of sexual assault in the military and works to enact external controls to protect those who victimized. For more information, visit our tumblr or contact Ginny at


Pittsburgh350 is the Pittsburgh chapter of the international movement, which aims to use grassroots organizing to run adaptive, locally-driven campaigns for meaningful action on climate change. For more information, visit our website or contact us at